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A Brief History.

by Miroslaw Redlicki (Poland, international FCI Judge)

Records on OES breeding in Poland before the Second World War are scarce. However, between the years 1937-39 at least two males were exhibited at several shows, namely Boj and Mister. There were no registered kennels at that time and no details can be found due to the loss of all archives.
The first attempt at establishing the breed dates from as late as 1979, when three OES were brought into the country in a short space of time. Those original imports, which were eventually bred from, were: NELSON II, male, imported from Canada (Balzac de la Rosserac x Bella), ALELUJA GRACIA z Farmy Zbiroh, adult female brought from Czech (Framm z Farmy Zbiroh x Barbel z Akordu) and PSYCHE AMABEL from Great Britain (Shepton Rusty x Tina Ernon Princess).

As one can see, those beginnings were rather accidental. Both bitches were bred to the above male and the first  registered litter was out of Gracia, born on 28 August 1981. Psyche delivered her first puppies on 18 July 1982. As it turned out later, it was the combination of Gracia and Nelson which was to give the foundation to further breeding. DAMULA Z Regionu Mazowsze, the foundation bitch of the oldest and biggest kennel still in existence, KUDLATY TRAMP, can be traced to that combination.
When a well-bred male, namely Shaggy Danes NOBEL PRICE (Kassenknuller a.d. Elbe Urstromtal x Shaggy Danes Glittering Grace) was brought to the country in 1986, one might have expected it would give new impulse to breeding quality OES. It did not happen, though, and the breed was - and still is - rather small in numbers and has attracted only a few exhibitors, perhaps put off by the elaborate coat care necessary.
The first western mating took place in 1989, when Damula z Regionu Mazowsze was mated to Int. Ch. Soheka BRILLE II (Kassenknuller x Abjuna v.d. Schwalbennestern) thanks to enormous help and courtesy of his owner, Mrs. Giesemann, resulting in two bitches born. The breeder kept one of them, namely ARMATA Kudlaty Tramp. Later on she produced litters with Jagerlatein a.d. Elbe-Urstromtal, Domenic v. Hoesch and Grey and White Abstract Alfonz. Her two daughters, DOROTKA and FAFULA FOREVER were kept and bred from.
At present the Kudlaty Tramp kennels remain the biggest in Poland, having produced 11 litters. The owner imported two males - Sieg's Selection ALI BABA (Pablo Picasso a.d. Alten Noris x Giesemann's Jonas Jonassis Charity Baby), and recently ZATOPEK a.d. Elbe-Urstromtal (Uno di Uno a.d. Elbe-Urstromtal x Now Available a.d. Elbe-Urstromtal). Some different duced by importing one bitch from Latvia and recently from Russia.
Another kennel, which has been active in OES for 10 years now, is Millanion. Its foundation bitch was AVISTA ATLANTA Volarius (Umbas v. Topferhofx Bila Balbina Smerek, Nobel Price's daughter). Atlanta was mated to Jagerletain and Vigilat's Dear Davy's Jori. Her last litter was by Vigilat's TUDO BEM (Symphony's Somebody to Love x Vigilat's Kissable Lady), which was imported to the kennel but unfortu­nately died prematurely, having sired some 8 litters.
All together, there have been 79 OES litters bred to date, the vast majority being bred only once by owners of one bitch and never repeated. A total number of 31 dogs have been imported, among them Trackery Island Heathcliff and Fan Fell Overnight Sensation, both of which have sired several litters. The breed, as mentioned earlier, remains  quite small, with less than 10 dogs being exhibited regularly at major shows. Still only 4 international champions have been made up, namely Sieg's Selection ALI BABA, FAFULA FOREVER and HOP SIUP Kudlaty Tramp,  ZATOPEK a.d. Elbe-Urstromtal. DARK HORSE Millanion was placed second in the large champion class at the Euro-OES-Show in Bayreuth.

This article was placed with kind consent of publisher - Colette and Klaus Hornig.

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