The OES first appeared in Russia much later than in other countries. The first imported dogs were not of very good quality as the people that imported them had little knowledge or understanding of canines. Unfortunately there is not much information available about them. Up until the time that Russia joined the FCI each individual club kept their own breeding records. Because of this, research often turns up contradicting information. Clearing up the confusion first began when the Russia Canine Federation (RKF) joined the FCI. Sad to say, the pedigrees of the first Russian Bobtails were lost.

The first Bobtails ever mentioned were imported in 1974 from Great Britain into the former Soviet Republic. These were a male named Tommy and a bitch whose name was Jenny. In 1979 the first litter from these two came into the world. Somewhat later an American bitch, Jane Chris Moscow Snow-Maiden, a male from Czechoslovakia Athos z Krumlovska Ruze (Ch. Woodlane’s Elliot x Neva z Akordu), and a male from Sweden Swedish Rhapsody (Bobby McGee x Oldash Sea Flicker) were also imported. In fact it was with these bloodlines that breeding in Russia actually started. The selection wasn’t particularly well thought out. The greatest problem at that time was the inability of USSR citizens to travel to other countries. There was no choice other than inbreeding which resulted in dogs that did not meet the breed standard (cow hocked, small heads, long legged, lacking pigmentation, etc.).

In the 1980’s other imported dogs appeared in Moscow. Amongst them was a bitch from Germany, Raider von den Blue Bobs (Flint v.d. Blue Bobs x Jenny v.d. Blue Bobs), a male from Belgium, Igbi Du Mas Des Glycines (Paddington Bears Enterprice x Pervenche Des Folles Enterprice), as well as a male and two bitches from Germany Aiko, Aira and Aika vom Grauen Bear (Flach vom Jalzaspring x Aires v.d. Blue Zottel’s).

Up until this time the Bobtail population had concentrated itself in Moscow but in 1985 the bitch, Gloy Gizi (Swedish Rhapsody x Jane Chris Moscow Snow-Maiden) went to Saint Petersburg. It was from this bitch’s offspring with Igbi Du Mas Des Glycines (first litter) and Athos z Krumlovska Ruze (second litter) that the OES in St. Petersburg and the north western region of Russia descended. Two very nice bitches, Peterburg Rabi White and Peterburg Revisanta came out of the second litter. Later, on May 25, 1995 the combination Kail Blue Angel x Peterburg Revisanta produced one of the best Russian bitches, Int. Ch. Tidy. Unfortunately, she only reached seven years of age and died in June 2002 leaving her only litter behind. Her children possessed wonderful breed qualities.

In 1989 the male, Guliver Hakar (Underberg aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal x Euridika Hakar) and the bitch Bibi Junior Floren (Underberg aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal x Cindarella z Plane) were imported from Czechoslovakia.

In the early 90’s several other dogs were imported to Moscow, the males Bonzi Zeno (Bill z Severni Plane x Britt v.d. Lossnitzperle) from Hungary, Ch. Jolly Clews HumptyDumpty (Sweet Expression’s Dappere Dodo x Jolly Clews Finaly Fascination) from Germany, Ch. Insider aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal (Zermatt aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal x Midnight Lady von den Hottentotten) from Holland and the bitch Ch. Emma Masovia (Shaggy Danes Nobel Price x Twilight Jersey z Celtycklego Polmroku) from Poland. From Finland the male, Ch. Grey Coats Love Me Tender (Grey Coats After The King x Air Mail aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal) was exported to St. Petersburg. These dogs influenced the development of the breed in Russia considerably. Breeding was still rather chaotic and there weren’t any really dedicated breed enthusiasts but still a few exemplary dogs resulted. And so in 1991 the most titled dog in Russia was born: Int. Ch. Enur (Aton x Cleopatra Glen). In his pedigree we find, amongst others Raider von den Blue Bobs and Igbi Du Mas Des Glycines. Enur was a high-class representative of Russian OES breeding that could often be seen at foreign exhibitions. He’s still in good form today and can occasionally be seen in the Veteran Ring at large dog shows where he proudly represents our breed.

At the end of the 90’s two males from Great Britain Ch. Oakfarm Cool Runnings (Lamedazottel Keep Cool x Oakfarm Roxanne) and Ch. Zottels Yours Forever (Lamedazottel Flamboyant x Lamedazottel Only You) and a Croatian bitch, Tina (Papageno a.d. Alten Noris x Afra) were imported.

In the later part of the 90’s the first kennels registered by breed enthusiasts appeared in our country. These were "Lohmatoe Chudo" (owned by Sokolova, Moscow), 'Andreevskiy Flag" (owned by Andreeva, Moscow), 'Bailain' (owned by Musina, Moscow), "Pushistoe Volshebstvo" (owned by Petrakova, Moscow), "Mechta Poeta" (owned by Filonenko, Smolensk) and "Fairy Snows" (owned by Stscherbakowa, Moscow) and many others. Special mention should be made of the kennel 'Fairy Snows", whose owner Tatjana Stscherbakowa lived in Germany for several years. When she returned to Moscow her dogs of course came with her. She was accompanied by her two males Ch. Sweet Expression’s Cheerio Dimple (Stonebrook California Breeze x Sweet Expression’s Tuff Enough) and Ch. Zottels Saturday Nite Fever (Bahlamb’s Back To Basic x Lamedazottel Hello Again), as well as her bitch Peekaboo Deep in my Heart (Lammorick Savoir Faire x Peekaboo Beast Of Burden).

In January 2000 Ch. Zottels Saturday Nite Fever and Tina had a litter which produced the beautiful bitch Bamby.

A German bitch Ch. Glory for Russia from Beautiful Highland (Cathy Clown’s Call To Glorie x Ch. Fergie from Beautiful Highland) was imported in early 2001. In spite of her young age she has several times been awarded BOB, BIG and BIS and taken many prizes at national and international exhibitions in Russia.

This point in time can certainly be considered a turning point. The breeding program received a new push. Although lack of information (in 1999 the Internet project was started which is the main source of information for Russian OES owners) and grooming are still the major problems, interest in the breed has increased.

A mention should also be made of matings that took place in Europe. In particular there were two special matings. In 1998 the bitch Int. Ch. Vanda Gles F’Egor (Irlan Fred Daniel Dance x Bebi Lav Star) was mated to Int. Ch. Not for Sale aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal of Belgium and in 2002 Int. Ch. Karund Zhu Zhu (Oakfarm Cool Runnings x Karund Zhenevieva) was mated to Int. Ch. Argovian All on Board of Switzerland. The offspring were proof that these combinations were correct.

The Russian national club “Bobtail” was founded in 1996. However its inactivity, lack of communication, inability to recognize and admit their own mistakes prevents them from holding the real Bobtail fans together. Therefore entries at the annual special show are going down from year to year.

In addition, there are other alternative canine organisations. The largest of which is the “Sojuz Kynologitscheskich Organizatsyi Rossii” or SKOR (United Russian Canine Organisations). Within this organisation there is another Bobtail club which also has imported dogs registered. Generally these are dogs of Czech breeding from the kennel “z Akordu”. But there is also a bitch from Great Britain Ch. Oakfarm Anastasia (Lamedazottel Keep Cool x Oakfarm Roxanne).

Our breed is well represented in Russia. On the average there are 400 puppies registered per year with the RKF. Unfortunately only very few of these participate in shows whether at local or larger international shows.

Russian Bobtail owners enjoy taking part in agility, trials and other activities. There’s even a volunteer worker in the rescue service, the male OES Ch. Big Ben (Sweet Expression’s Cherio Dimple x Binoni Kling Aum).

Bobtails from Russia are no longer a rarity at the International and European exhibitions. A group of Russian OES were shown at the International show in Helsinki, Finland in 1998 and at the European Show in Poznan, Poland in 2000 two dogs from Russia were awarded prizes: the male Ch. Zottels Yours Forever, started in the Intermediate class and was awarded the Reserve CACIB, and the bitch Int. Ch. Brenda Blue Star (Enur x Bailain) took third place in the Champion Class. The first Russian dog to participate in the Euro OES Show was the bitch Int. Ch. Karund Zhu Zhu who was shown at the Euro Show in Kulmbach, Germany in 2002

We hope that the Russian OES population will improve from year to year and that dogs of Russian breeding will be seen and go on to win at some of Europe’s major dog exhibitions. We are trying our best to make this happen and hope that we’ll succeed.

Victor & Evgenia Petrakovy
june 2003
Translation by Klaus & Colette Hornig

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