by Marta M. Cagiao (kennel Bim-Bom-Bam), june 2004

Nowadays it is becoming more and more difficult to have and enjoy a dog at home in Spain like a family member. Dogs are not allowed in flats, common areas, parks or public transports. Owners must take out a third responsability insurance policy for their dogs, identify them with a microchip and register them in the council
If you want to take your dog out for a walk in the very few places available, you must muzzle it and put it on a lead; and you continually have an uneasy feeling of being breaking the law.
Like in many other countries, the Spanish government prefers to put sidelines to those who love dogs and wish to share our lives with them than punish the incivics citizens who leave their dogs’ excrements in the streets, don’t educate their dogs and annoy not only those who love dogs but also those who hate us.
Bobtail faces this situation with its big furry body, and the majority of those who find it atractive at first, end up by choosing a breed which requires fewer cares. For sure, this is part of the natural selection because not all of us deserve to belong to a bobtail’s heart which demands absolute devotion.
After some years without a bobtail club, the year 2003 the RSCE decided to appoint the ACABE as the official breed club; this appointment was celebrated with the excellent organization of the 2003 Euro OES Show at Playa de Aro. Nevertheless, the club members don’t usually show their dogs in Spain, limiting their very few activities to Cataluña (Northeast of Spain).
Because all of this, Bobtails are not very much spread in Spain, as it is clearly shown by the little number of puppies registered in the LOE during the last years, in a country with more than 40 million inhabitants. (See table)
At present, there are not very much breeders breeding- with a rate of only one or two litters a year- except for Del Jowers and Del Atico who produce nearly the total of the registered puppies for pet shops.
The affixes that have registered litters these last years are shown in alphabetical order in the attached table.
Our effort and enthusiasm, shown in our search for the best males for our dams in other countries and the import of dogs and bitches from the most acknowlegled affixes around the world, has been rewarded with the improvement of the breed in the very last years. Our bobtails are of a much better quality now, equal to that in most of the countries.
We have two beautiful world females winners, “Ch. Ramona da Quinta D’Abroeira” in 2002, owned by A Veiga do Frio kennel, and “Ch. Z’Bushy Bear aus dem Elbe Urstromtal” in 2003, owned by Bushy Bear kennel.
We are living a new stage in the evolution of the breed, stimulated by the good comunication with other breeders all around the world thanks to the internet. (See the importations in attached table).
In the following, there is a table with all our distinghised spanish champions since 1974. In 2000, the RSCE decided award with the title of Spanish champion all those bobtails who had won the CAC at the Madrid Show any year before the 2000, trying to solve the situation created by an unoperative breed club (CAPPIE).
Hoping this list will grow in the following years, we send a furry salute from Spain to all of you.

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