Hello, my name is Binochka. I am the oldest in this company. I am the most serious. I take control laying under a table when guests come.

Official information:
Binoni Kling Aum
bitch, 15.02.1995
IntCh, Ch. Russia, Ch. RKF, RFSS, 6§CACIB, ┬╬┬, BIG, BIS.

I am very busy. I should wake up Mom and Dad in the morning. All the time they don`t hear alarm clock. I should remind Max not to forget us when he goes for a walk. Us I mean my son Ben and me. We live together. Oh, these grown up children! So many problems! Mom needs much attention because every time she wants to give Ben less food. But child needs good nutrition. He is in difficult ages now. Mom tries to scare me by promising to put me on a diet. She says that I am fat. I don t think so extra kgs make bobtail cuter. Don`t think that I am bore who cares only about houswork. I can do a hare.

By the way not every slim dog can do it. When I was young I was almost an actress. Galia and me made shows in kindergartens for children.. I look very pretty on pictures. Don t you think so?
And I very much love the son - Ben.

It he!!!

Hi! My name is Big Ben. Buddies call me Benya. Galia also calls me Venya or Venic. But she is kidding. I am Big Ben. I am the one man in our company.

Official information:
Big Ben
male, 01 01 1998
IntCh, GrandChampion, Ch. Russia, Ch. Ukraine, Ch. Belarus
Ch. Club
5§CACIB, ┬╬┬, BIG, BIS.

I love my family, my friends. I love walks in the forest. I love traveling. I do it very often. I am so exited when we start trip preparations. It means that we will travel again. Our car is big enough to contain all our company. We often visit Moscow. We have been to Great Novgorod, Pskov, Minsk, Saratov, Voronezh. Everywhere we have friends. I even traveled by train to Nizhney Novgorod and Dnepropetrovsk. I had a lot of fun on a shore of Dnepr with local dogs. It is so cool when you have so many friends. My Ukraine friends go in for IPO. I thought: Am I out of the range?

Now I study to follow footprints too. I really like it. Also I like when man in jersey starts to swing his hands. In this case I fell free to bite him. I love such training.

I listen to music with great pleasure. Especially I like classical music, particularly Vanessa May. I love singing with her. Would you like to listen to?

I am not fond of cheese and yogurt. I do not always like Mom starts to give different commands. But I have diploma in OKD and I should match it. And Mom likes it and I love her. I don t like when Galia goes swimming because I prefer to have my pas be wet. I don t like when Max climb a tree (it is dangerous) and when he gets bad marks and Mom starts to punish him.

I love people pet me, tell me that I am the best I know it . I am so charming.

Elena Burkina (june 2003)

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