CD: Euro-OES-Show-15 years (1988-2002)

For OES-fans this CD may be an introduction or memoirs to the previous meetings. It is our plan to produce CDs in the future with more pictures and more Euro-OES-Show. If you have ideas what we can add to those CDs please let us know.

The detailed information:
Joachim Pilz

After the International Show at Trieste, Italy in 1987 Roberto Arcion (I) invited some European OES breeders to think about the idea of a European OES Club. During this discussion people came to the conclusion that it would not be possible to come together within one club because of the different rules in the various European countries.
A small group of those breeders, Roberto Arcion (I), Pedro Erean-Prez (E), Eef ter Mors (Nl), Barbara Muller (CH), Joachim Pilz (D) and Claude Ritter (F) continued thinking about a way to come together.
They called themselves the European OES Forum and initiated the European OES Show.
Since 1988 there has been a special event held once a year each time in a different European country. The main activities are an OES Breed Show with most of llie lop dogs from the European continent, a tourist program, a seminar and a very special gala evening, where the location of the following Euro Show is announced. The forum set down very few rules under which the event has to be organised, the details of the show are free to be defined by the country hosting the event




Plzeň, Czech republic


judges: Angie Allan ‘Allmark’
and Barbara Gillatt ‘Babiton’

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