Crufts is proud to present Discover Dogs in London.

On Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd November Earls Court 2 will become host to everything canine!

Welcome to Discover Dogs 2003!

On behalf of the Kennel Club I would like to welcome you to our "canine extravaganza" - the show which provides everything that a canine enthusiast could possibly wish for, and celebrate all that is good about
dogs and our relationship with them. Specifically designed to stimulate and inform, Discover Dogs is an interactive experience dedicated to every aspect of canine care. It promotes resonsible dog ownership and
showcases the diversity and talents of man's best friend. This annual event is proving to be a resounding sucess, offering an unrivalled opportunity to learn more  about dogs and see them at work, on show and thoroughly enjoying themselves.
Discover Dogs is celebrating its 8th year of entertaining dog lovers from London and all over the UK and our ultimate aim is for everyone to understand the joys of owning a dog, but at the same time to understand the responsibilities that goes with this ownership. Returning visitors to the show will note a change of format for 2003 and will discover new and exciting attractions, including new displays, competitions, information and layout, all specifically designed to entertain and educate about the joys of canine companionship. All these new initiatives are completed by the old favourites, such as the 180+ different breeds of pedigree dog of all shapes and sizes, all eager to meet and  greet you. These range from the tiniest Chihuahua to the largest Great Dane. If you are  a prospective dog owner, this is the place to find your perfect partner and if you simply love dogs, then you will be in canine heaven!
Make sure, you talk to the various expert breed representatives. They are there to discuss everything from training to the grooming of your chosen breed. Take the time to attend the Special Event and Training Rings, where  you will be amazed by the agility and skills of dogs from aal walks of life, from the Metropolitan Police Dogs to Assistance Dogs, from Crufts winners to mixed breeds.
Dog owners from all over the country will also be assembling to take part in three very diverse competitions. Firstly, after 12 month of qualifying heats, the Cruft winners of tomorrow will be in competing for the coveted "Kennel Gazette Junior Warrant of the Year" competition on Saturday 22nd November. Also the Kennel's Club very own  Companion Dog Club has invited members to join in the fun with competitions designed to entertain both dogs and owners. Similarly make shure you don't miss the last stage of the hunt for the Pal-Scruffts Family Crossbreed of the year, taking place at Sunday, 23rd.
The dog's role in society is so important to all of us and the Kennel Club is privileged to be able to hold this event to demonstrate just how much dogs bring to our lives. We hope that you enjoy Discover Dogs and think that you will agree that it really is ......London's LEADing Canine Event!

Ronnie Irving, Chairman of the Kennel Club (Discover Dogs Showguide 2003)

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