1. Hundefestival Schloß Greifenberg-Ammersee/Germany h.und,
organized by Manuela von Perfall

A short reporting about this 3 days festival for dogs & doglovers
by Katharina Welsch.

And now it is over, this very special festival for dogs and doglovers....situated in the parc of Schloß Greifenberg, a beautiful surrounding topped with the castle itsself, a small lake and lots of cornfields to look at.

A very busy 3 days programm with lots of attractions for both, doggies and their uprights. Friday started with seminars about classic homeopathy for dogs and common missunderstandings between dogs and their owners, dogdancing and clickertraining, fitness for dogs and their uprights. In the evening a special contest for dogs with special abilities took place, a special search for dogs for film and advertising companies. In the late evening latin dance for everybody.


The second day started with lots of work to dry the wet showground, in the evening and night before a very heavy rain had damaged lots of tents and the grass was very slippery. But after the sun appeared again there was a special competition, man against dogs in a tug of war competition, don't know who was the winner. Also dogdancing, clickertraining and seminars about first aid at the dogs eye and flea and tick treatment in summer time.

In the evening a special dog in costumes on the catwalk competition, Sally wearing a Union Jack made out of blue fur, white boneshaped stripes and sparkling red hearts on her back with a big red heart showing "Love you Forever" letters, on her front a blue heart with a Union Jack Beanie Bear. It was very difficult to design something pretty for an Old English Sheepdog, fur on fur was the right way and showing her roots, the UK, into the hearts of the spectators. All costumes were auctioned afterwards and the earned money went to the live saving dog team of the region Ammersee. The highbidder of Sally's costume bought that outfit not for her dog, a small white scottie dog, but fell in love at first sight with the "Love you forever" letters on the Union Jack;  she  bought  the  costume as a

special anniversary gift for her husband who is from the UK and an OES lover.....quite amazing, isn't it?

Afterwards a hot carrebean night with live music and dance and lots of interesting people from Munich and elsewhere.
The last day saw a look alike contest between dogs and their owners, the winner won a flight for 2 persons AND one dog to visit Berlin and especially the new grooming for dogs saloon of Udo Waltz, a wellknown hairdresser for wellknown people and also politicians.
In the evening a competion "who is the fastest dog". All 3 days lots of tents with goods for dogs, doglovers and other things. Enjoy the pictures, we had so much fun!!

And here are the other dogs, their costumes and more pictures: